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Meet Marquelle

Nutritionist CNS*, MS, NTP, GAPS, CFSP,         

Brain Health Licensed Trainer,

Certified Elite Neuro-encoding Specialist

Marquelle is a Functional Nutritionist CNS*, MS, NTP, GAPS, CFSP,  with a specialty in painful autoimmune issues such as SIBO, Crohns, IBS, Irritable bowel Disease, MS, Hashimotos, Diabetes, and more.

She has had success helping many people transform their health, and is not afraid to address difficult chronic conditions.  She has the patience to help those needing support and encouragement as they navigate and strategize how to overcome roadblocks in their health. 

Marquelle has been successful navigating through her own difficult trials, one, helping her daughter, who was sick with a compromised immune system and gut dysbiosis, recover, and who now lives a normal life without any restrictions. 

She has helped many work through and overcome difficult gut issues  Through her experiences her compassion and empathy have deepened increasing her perspective in assisting those seeking guidance and creating changes in their life.

Marquelle, also a flutist.  She loves to perform and teach.  Music gives her joy as she shares her talent with others.  She has six wonderful children ages 7 to 22.  

She is married to her husband, Chris, who is a chemical engineer, who loves to read and play basketball.  Marquelle enjoys being outdoors, riding horses, animals, and spending time with her children.  Marquelle and her family live in Collinsville, Ok.

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