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Betrayal Trauma and Trauma Focused Class to Help You Go Further Faster 

Betrayal Trauma Focused Class


Are you still struggling to trust when trustworthiness has improved?

Are you still reacting to triggers more than you think is appropriate?

Are you still feeling unsafe when there does not seem to be a reason to be afraid?


Have you been working on your recovery from betrayal trauma or trauma for quite a while and still feel it’s holding you back from stepping into who you are and who you want to be? 


Do you remember the light in your heart, mind and eyes when you had more hope and less fear?  Do you remember the vision of the woman you saw in the future that was full of hope and courage?


You are in the right place to help you go further faster and break free from those limiting thoughts/beliefs, negatively charged emotions, and Satanic attacks by practicing to shift to the positive (athletic and musical practice) and learn how to automatically default to your best self no matter what challenges you face.  (You will develop Mental/Spiritual Muscle Memory)


You will learn to nourish yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually by building upon little bits of information over time which can be applied immediately, along with thought provoking (intentionally positive triggering) questions, which will instill confidence, generate momentum, and provide sustaining results throughout your life. 


You will learn how to dare to be magnificent. (and 7 other words that you hesitate to use to describe your best self because you are trying to avoid Pride (pride phobia).


Areas of Focus which you will personalize to align with your desired outcome and values:


Brain Health:

(Mental and Emotional Health) learning to navigate Automatic Negative Thoughts/limiting Beliefs/Lies, Negatively Charged Emotions, and Satanic Attacks!


Physical Health: 

(Diet and Lifestyle) you will learn quick and easy recipes and guidance for you to easily apply, to see improvement, and to have a positive influence in your overall health and quality of life. (Simplified guidelines to make this part easy and doable.)


Anchoring Spiritually:

You will establish goals to help you anchor to God daily through scriptures, prayers, and journaling.  This foundation will help you gather strength to navigate your daily challenges and embrace the tender mercies along the way.  (See Eternal Warriors 3.0 for more details:



The topics will focus on the 7 Systems of health:  

Root, Flow, Fire, Love, Truth, Insight, Spirit. In each of these systems we will focus on information for Mind, Body, Spirit



Boundaries, Anchoring/Grounding/Goals/Routines/Your Why/Identity

Proteins/Meal Planning and Choices

Establishing safety and identifying your safe communities




Healthy Fats/Redirecting Emotions/ Emotional Eating




Carbohydrates/Blood Sugar Handling/Gut Health

Reigniting your spark and passion



Self-Compassion/Self-Care/Nourishing your whole self

Fiber/Nutrition Detective/Mindful Eating/Portion Control

Service/Passion Projects



Identity statements/Authenticity/Vulnerability/Communication/Speaking your truth/Choices

Fruits, juices, soups, and sauces

Trust/5 senses



Brain Healers/Brain Robbers 

Mood Modulating Foods/Spices

Food, Mood, and Mental Health/Brain Health Assessment/Sleep




What is your mission and purpose?

Cleansing, purifying foods/Fasting


Connecting it all together


Stop Technique

Anxiety model, to redirect negative emotions. 

Learn to Identify Automatic Negative Thoughts/Limiting Beliefs/Lies/Satanic Attacks

Interrupt Patterns that are no longer serving you 

Developing Awareness

Chemical Scale/Satanic Spin/Notice it-Name it-Flip it-Find it

And More.


To learn more:


Weekly Accountability and Support

​I invite you to a remarkable 16 week open enrollment online class:

Join Today to shift from where you are to where you want to be!

Choose one weekly

60 minute Group coaching sessions or Individual sessions:

Monday:  8:00AM MT/9:00AM CT

Tuesday:  8:30PM MT/9:30 PM CT

Wednesday:  11:00 AM MT/12:00 PM CT

Need another time?  Great!  Contact me to create a time that fits your schedule. 

​Do you have a group that wants to take a class? Let's talk to set up a time.

Contact me:  918-645-0427

The Details:

Group Coaching Fee: 

Pay in full: $499


​Individual Coaching
You choose the time to meet.

Coaching Fee:  

Pay in full:  $979

​Taught by Marquelle Brown, CNS*, Nutritionist, Brain Health Licensed Trainer, Elite Neuro-encoding Specialist, and Certified Personal Warrior Trainer

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