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Ideal Clients

Some people are told it’s all in their head.


Others have seen many doctors and still can’t resolve their issues or find solutions. 

I have had many clients who have seen many practitioners and still couldn’t find any resolution or improved health.

I work with clients who are ready, willing, and able to receive and invest in affordable coaching, guidance, and personalized support around their health..

In my experience, the only thing stopping you from taking charge of your health and healing YOURSELF is:  

  1. knowing exactly what to do and in what order

  2. how to handle the tricky mindset stuff that comes up and tends to stop people in the middle of making progress

  3. make sure you keep your action steps as simple as possible so that it’s actually doable and sustainable for you and your life.

My ideal clients are willing to experiment with new ways of eating, trying new foods, explore new ways of thinking, and shifting their mindset about their healing journey, and are also able to purchase additional supplements and lab tests in order to measure, track and accelerate their progress.

Basically you don’t have to figure out how to do this, I have already figured it out for you.

I’m here to guide you. 

My clients leave my practice knowing what they want, have a plan for getting there, and feel confident and in control of their progress.

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