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My Approach

Here’s how I approach resolving painful digestion such as SIBO, irritable bowel syndrome and other similarly confusing gut health challenges:


First:  Address diet and lifestyle:  You are going to have to upgrade what you eat and how you choose to eat.  What you eat will depend on what’s going on in your gut and whether or not you have SIBO or another irritable bowel condition.  This is why it’s confusing to many and where guidance and a plan will help.

Second:  Specific supplements are used as accelerate your healing and progress. What supplements and how much depends on the individual.  This is where personalized nutrition guidance comes in as tailor my recommends to your unique situation.  Everyone is different which is why using bio-individualized nutrition is essential. 

Wait a minute. Let me pause and emphasize healing and repair will take time. With the right steps, a plan, and encouragement along the way we can help make progress quickly, and yet, more often than not, serious results take place over time. The good news, I can offer guidance on being patient with yourself, as I’ve gone through this with my own daughter.

Third:  After we have tried these first and second lines of treatments you are going to take some tests.  This is the only way to concretely track your progress.  What tests?  It depends on you and your individuality.  I will determine which tests will be right for you and then you will decide which ones you would like to proceed with. 

Fourth:  When addressing SIBO and other mysterious gut health issues, you must explore new ways of thinking to face the challenges ahead. Mindset is a must when working on challenging health issues.  Mindset is a game changer.  You must have the mindset that you are not going to stop when it gets hard or inconvenient.  I will show you how to recognize and accept the stages of healing that you will inevitably pass through. Confusion or overwhelm is normal but is often where people stop.  With mindset coaching, you will keep going.

Ready to get started? Here’s the first step to seeing if I can help.

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