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Chemical Scale

As I reflect on the different challenges people face, I think the tool that is most valuable with overcoming challenges, second to anchoring to Christ and establishing a relationship with Him, is learning and applying the chemical scale.

How is the chemical scale so valuable?

It helps you gain an awareness of what you are feeling which then can help you tune into the thoughts that are the root of the challenges at hand.

Why are the thoughts at the root?

Because this is where the lies reside and interfere with our beliefs and influence our actions.

The chemical scale helps you learn to recognize patterns, of places, times of day, or situations, that are influencing your actions to go against your beliefs or prevent you from doing what you said you would do.

As we develop a deep sense of awareness and notice these emotions, thoughts, and patterns quicker and faster this is how we can win our battles and overcome our challenges.

If you were to check in with yourself right now, where are you on the chemical scale?

If you are in a bit of a chemical spin, What tools do you have to neutralize those chemicals to help you get back to a zero which is where you will feel motivated and your best self?

Do you want to learn how to neutralize those chemical spins?

Read more about the chemical scale in “Like Dragons Did They Fight”

Would you like to learn how to implement these things in your life and learn to discern quicker and faster? Have you tried to do this on your own? Are you ready to have help?

I invite you to a 30 minute complimentary session to learn more. Sign up today:

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