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Foundations of Health through Food and Spirit-Root

Foundations of Health through Food and Spirit-Root

This 12 week program focuses on awareness with simple questions to help you discover what you need and create a plan to meet your needs and “nourish your whole self.” We will focus on “Food, Mindfulness, and Eternal Warriors principles.”

The first foundation we will cover is our root, with a focus on our safety, boundaries, and anchoring our self to God.

Here is a sample of mindfulness questions to ponder: “Who are your safe communities?” What are your safe places? How do you create safety for yourself?

Eternal Warriors: Are you anchoring to God Daily? Do you make time to connect with yourself daily?

How will increasing your spirituality improve your life? Do you have a plan? I can help you with your plan.

Food: Would you like to create balanced meals that create satisfaction and satiety? Did you know, learning to listen to your body, you can become aware or your needs and adjust your meals and snacks accordingly to improve your energy and your moods?

What are “macronutrients” and why are they important?”

Meal Planning and Mindful Eating tips:

Do you struggle making meals? Do you often wonder what to make?

Would you like to know how to make, easy to prepare nutritious and delicious meals?

Mindset: You must have the mindset that you are not going to stop when it gets hard or inconvenient. You are going to recognize and accept the stages of where you are at in your healthy journey.

How would creating your personalized plan strengthen your foundation and increase your ability to establish consistent routines? What would be different in your life? What would it feel like and look like or what would you want it to look and feel like?

Now is a great time to invest in nourishing yourself, your mind, your body, and your spirit. You are worth it, you really are. For this reason it is a perfect time to create your foundations of health.

Click the link to sign up for a free 30 minute consultation.

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