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Those of you who know me know I have been up to something. I am sending out a newsletter to those who I have seen recently and to those it has been a while. I will be sharing some good information going forward and if you would like to continue to learn some more I would love to have you stay. If not then you can unsubscribe.

Here’s what’s new and good.

I have a new website that is packed full of information. You can check it out here:

I am working with clients with painful eating and digestion issues. There are many people struggling with painful eating that affects many areas of their life, creates multiple symptoms, and interruptions to their lives. I am excited about helping with these problems because I have figured things out with steps that have helped others improve their health and quality of life. Who do you know that could use this? Would you share this with a friend or two?

I would love to invite you to a free Break Through Session I am offering for a short time to see if we are a good fit.

Another exciting new addition is I have added Fullscript, which allows you to choose from 289 brands of nutraceuticals such as Biotics, Metagenics, Enzymatic Therapy, Herb Pharm, Nordic Naturals, Jarrows, Nature’s Way and many other companies. You can order these online from the comfort of your home and receive 15% off when you place your order. Check it out. Just click the link below and create your own password to view the catalog:

One last new and exciting topic:

I’m offering a couple of programs: Foundations of Health through Food and Spirit which is an 8 week course with handouts, recipes, and a weekly question and answer session. The other program is called Whole Life Rx which I will be sending out more information on this 12 week program as it will also include one on one consultations, recipes, and weekly question and answer sessions.

As a Functional Medicine Nutritionist we get to the root cause of WHY you don’t feel well. So many times patients come to me and they aren’t sick, but they don’t feel well either. If you aren’t feeling well, there is a reason—it just hasn’t been identified yet. Functional Medicine digs deeper to find it. I won’t fool you. The path that leads to optimal wellness requires work on your part and lots of lifestyle change, but with your hard work and my guidance we can help you experience optimal health and wellness.

Thank you for letting me share and enjoy the rest of your week. In Health, Marquelle

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