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Painful Eating

Are you the person who grabs the whole box of ice cream?

You might ask, “Why does this keep happening? I have control for a few days and then I lose it.”

I can help guide you through those tough situations so you can break though those battles and stick to what you value. By identifying where you are at on the chemical scale and learning to notice when you have a trigger which creates a chemical spill in the system this will help you learn how to win these food battles. You can learn more about the chemical here: Like Dragons Did They Fight Free Download (

Learning to identify what you are feeling and listening to what your body needs is the first step to know what to reach for.

I help people learn how to eat mindfully to overcome those negative emotional eating patterns.

When I was struggling I found a guide that helped me navigate through the roadblocks. This was so helpful knowing I didn’t have to figure this out on my own. As I have applied these tools consistently in my life I have learned to identify those triggers that lead to not following through with what I said I would do.

I help individuals who are struggling with painful eating which also includes emotional eating. I teach you how to utilize tools like the Satanic spin and Chemical Scale. Learning to identify what you are feeling and what triggered that feeling will help you consistently maintain your choices.

I have designed a program called Foundations of Health Through Food and Spirit to help individuals gain self- confidence and self- mastery to follow through with their health goals and be successful in establishing routines.

If you would like to apply these tools, click Get Started | MarquelleBrown to schedule a 30-minute complimentary session with me via zoom.

In Health,

Marquelle Brown, Nutritionist, Life Coach, PWT, Life Changing Services

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