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Shame and Imposter Syndrome

Shame. Brene Brown refers shame as imposter syndrome.

I’m finding as I work with clients as a Personal Warrior Trainer shame is often subtly attacking an individual and who they are.

There are many faces to shame, self-doubt, fear of being judged, fear of rejection, fear of failure, regret, and surprisingly fear of success, perfectionism, hesitation, procrastination, and many more.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

How about these phrases, are they familiar?

I’m not good enough. I’ll never get over this problem. I should have done…. If I could have done better. I’ll do it later. I’m never going to be perfect. I made a mistake therefore something is wrong with me. Why should I even try?

Whew! These sound heavy just reading through them.

In the book, “Like Dragons Did They Fight” We learn how to gain awareness of our thoughts and feelings and identify them. We use a tool called Notice it- Name It-Flip It-Find It. It is a powerful tool to help us to spot shame and call it out and state what is true.

The faster we can identify the lies and limiting beliefs the faster we can avoid the trap of imposter syndrome that leads us away from who we are and what we believe and we will be able to transform shame and step back into our true self and be empowered to do great things.

I have learned that it takes time to detect these lies and practice with the tool. I have found the importance of having a mentor during this learning process to help provide support and encouragement when it gets hard, to cheer you on until you have gained the confidence to use these tools on your own.

Knowing the power of having a team and support along the way…

I invite you to a complimentary 30 minute call to discover how these tools will help you break through and step into accomplishing what you want .

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