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"These tools have helped me not feel blind sighted or surprised."  Client

"From our first conversation, I knew that I needed a reset in terms of nutrition. I had tried several "diets" over the past few years in hopes to lose weight and feel better. Unfortunately, I had lost sight of nourishing my body. Instead, I saw food as can have vs. can't have. The restrictive mindset was not conducive to healthy eating. Following our meetings, I have a better relationship with food in terms of separating feelings and emotions from nourishment. Our meetings were invaluable to the long term success of my health and wellness. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. 

Sincerely, R.M. Owasso, OK

"After spending much time and money in the hospital, I felt so relieved when Marquelle was able to figure out what was wrong. I feel so much better!"

"I was sick for a long time and visited many different doctors, none of which could give me any accurate answers to my pain. My mom took me to Marquelle who was suggested by a good friend and in less than 45 minutes she was able to suggest that I was either reacting to wheat or dairy. I was put on each diet and was feeling much better after eating the gluten-free diet. My pain has mostly disappeared and I've gained back most of the 14 pounds I lost. After spending much time and money in the hospital, I felt so relieved when Marquelle was able to figure out what was wrong."

- Meagan M. Broken Arrow, OK

"This has been a life changer.  My stomach is so much better, My eczema has healed and I’m a new person!"​

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the care you have given me over the past two years.  My skin and stomach were a mess when I met you.  I suffered with eczema on my hands for 30 years plus.  My stomach happened within months.  I couldn’t eat anything without a reaction of some kind somewhere on my body.  The supplements you suggested worked great.  My eczema has healed.  You have no idea how much of a life changer this is.  My stomach is so much better, with the right diet and supplements I’m a new person.  I thank you for always talking me through things that came up during this time.  I know I have been under great care and will continue to be"

- D. G. Oklahoma

“Exhausted, heartburn, depression, and anxiety.  I had given up.  Marquelle taught me how to breathe life back into my days.”

"I had been working with physicians for 3 years to try to figure out why my energy was so low and I couldn’t lose any weight.  My heartburn was out of control and I would sleep 10-12 hours and could nap within a couple of hours. When I say nap I mean a couple hours at least 2 times a day.  I had been diagnosed with depression and put on anxiety meds. I had finally given up and decided to take the untraditional way. Marquelle has been amazing. Not only focusing on things that I was concerned about with natural supplements.  She has also taught me about how to breathe life back into my days by taking time to focus on me and literally breath stress away. She has taught me to make better choices on how and what my meals should look like to help heal my gut while getting the correct foods to raise energy which helps all the other concerns and struggles.  I wake up refreshed and my mood has been improved. However, what I love most is teaching my family the things I am learning. Marquelle is very knowledgeable and takes time to delve into the concerns and issues and makes sure that they are the focus to fix but also goes above and beyond to make sure that anything contributing to it is also corrected to fix long term."

- Owasso, OK

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