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The Long Story:

When my daughter was very sick with a toxic overload that led to IBD and her immune system collapsing. 

The medical field kept telling me they couldn’t help me. We did all the medical tests and she didn’t have lab markers that were off yet, but her body was responding with anaphylaxis and that was scary. 

I remember how hard it was to watch her and I felt hopeless and discouraged.  I had many people who were criticizing me and asking why I didn’t take her to the doctor (I already had!). I remember my husband even being frustrated and saying we were spending too much money on all the things I had already tried. 

It wasn’t until I found a Doctor of Naturopath who had a plan to restore her health,  if only I promised to do the work and hang in there.  So I asked the Naturopath as I looked him in the eye, “Will this really work?”  He said, “It will work.”  He gave me a free appointment that day.  That and his encouragement and strength helped carry me through. 

There were many times along the way of healing my daughter that I wanted to give up and questioned if it was working.  Yet, I would see glimpses of improvement and after a few years her body had healed, repaired, and gathered enough energy to heal COMPLETELY. Now, no one knows she ever had any health issues.  It was great and I am forever grateful. 

My goal was that she would be able to eat anything she wanted as a teenager and not go into anaphylaxis and therefore not die on me. Yeah, big yet simple goal. It worked. 

Today, she does have to monitor herself and she can’t mindlessly make poor food choices or she gets sick, but she isn’t reacting like she did years ago. 

Click here to the first step and let’s set up a time to see if I can help.

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